A different analysis of Manuel Nunes ride on Rap Attack

Top jockey Nunes has been heavily fined for having pushed wide Amar Sewdyal (his ex-employer and Rap Attack’s previous yard) runner Brillant Crimson in the back straight at the 800 metres mark (no bend). In our opinion, backed by his clean record, he had no choice than pushing his opponent wide and in an clean and safe way. Rap Attack is known to be a horse that must be ridden in a particular way to win and not all jockeys have the ability to read a race perfectly. He was the one to beat, hot favourite and certainly the ONLY one able to sustain such an early move and finished off correctly.

Instead of leaving space or restraining his mount , the other jockey insisted in pursuing his effort in the back straight (no bend) with the clear intention to follow Rap Attack move. Brillant Crimson finished more than the 7 lengths behind, proving that it was evidently a bad choice.

Without touching all the merits of the Stewards accomplishments and hard work, in our opinion Jockey Nunes could have been inflicted a lesser fine due to his clean record on track and in general results.

Let’s hope for the best in any case.

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