Unconvincing ride by Piere Strydom

A disappointing and unconvincing ride by top jockey Piere Strydom who failed on a quite obvious winner Man From Seattle.

Stipes Report : “On inquiry, jockey Strydom was found guilty of a breach of the provisions of MTC Rule 160 A (j) being the rider on Man From Seattle for failing to ride to the satisfaction of the Stewards in that from leaving the 400 metres, when he had the opportunity to angle his mount outwards and follow Jullidar, which was improving on the outside of runners, he instead angled his mount inwards, resulting in the latter running onto the heels of Kemal Kavur, which was giving ground, having to be severely checked over a considerable distance, furthermore, from leaving the 200 metres after having secured a clear run, when there was the possibility for him to ride his mount out with his usual vigour and determination, he failed to do so”.

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